OC Design Terms, Conditions and Contest Rules


When entering your submissions, you are only allowed to use the template(s) provided from ocdesignawards.org. You may request down-saved versions if you do not have the version format provided. It will be up to you to contact us for the correct format you require. Failing to do so may result in you missing the deadline for submissions. If this occurs you will not be entitled to a refund. Please allow 5 business days for processing your template request. Using a different template and/or altering a preset size/dimension will automatically disqualify your submission(s). If this occurs the OC Design Awards may not notify you and you will not be entitled to a refund. In the rare case the OC Design Awards does notify you, you will have until the specified time on the notification to respond with the corrected file, thereafter automatically disqualify your submission(s). If this occurs you will not be entitled to a refund. You MUST fill out all information on the template(s), if certain subject fields do not apply, please indicate so by placing an “NA” in that field. Failure to fill out this critical information will automatically disqualify your submission(s). If this occurs you will not be entitled to a refund. Failure to include the correct number of files, formats, or sizes will automatically disqualify your submission(s). If this occurs you will not be entitled to a refund.

It is the entrant’s sole responsibility to ensure the submission(s) are acceptable to enter into the contest from a legal, contractual, and/or copyrighted standpoint. AIGA and all associated partners and persons are not liable or responsible for copyright laws, contracts, or other legal instances that are used in your submission(s), such as but not limited to: photography, vector artwork, or typefaces. You may not enter submissions that you did not create or take part in creating. If you choose to submit without credits, it is assumed you did most of the work. It is recommended that you give credit where credit is due; while this is not required, it is a best practice to follow–AIGA wants to acknowledge all in the creative process. If it is found that you have submitted work that is plagiarized or spec work, your submission will not be considered for judging. This rule also extends even after you may win an award, whereby your award will be acknowledged as incorrectly awarded. AIGA has a zero tolerance policy for spec work and plagiarism.



Please keep in mind our main objective and goal is to have all work submitted recognized. Any submission that does not fit into the set categories that deserves recognition may be entered but is not guaranteed to win an award or be formally recognized. Additional categories may be added or dropped at any time (based on participation from entrants) and your submission may be moved to a new category to allow for judging, otherwise your submission will only be displayed online. If categories are added or dropped and it affects your submission, you will be notified via e-mail. However, we cannot guarantee the timeliness of the notification. Regardless of the outcome, there are no refunds of submission donations.

Each submission will have an equal chance of winning. Each submission entered will be judged on a 10-point system in five (5) components of each category.

The five (5) components are as follows: (1) Was the submission produced in Orange County or for a client/cause in Orange County? (2) Creativity (3) Subject Matter/Concept–is it appropriate for the category and utilizes standard or non-standard uses/forms/techniques to effectively communicate the overall message? (4) Effective use of Materials–textiles/paper/digital (5) Overall Design Aesthetic–is the submission executed and crafted well from a design and technical standpoint?

The components will be added up to calculate the total score. The submission(s) with the highest score will continue to the next round. Each round uses the same components and point system. The judging rounds vary based on number of entrants and/or pieces submitted; the goal of the numerous rounds is to narrow down the submissions with an outcome of two finalists. The finalists with the two (2) highest scores will be awarded the gold and silver award for that specific category. Submitting the top two (2) highest scores from each category and allowing the judge(s) to choose from all the categories judge the Best of Show. There can only be one (1) Best of Show award. It is possible to win a silver award and also win the Best of Show award.



In addition to the standard awards hosted by AIGA, partners of the OC Design Awards may also choose to sponsor an award and present it at the event. In these cases, the same components and point system will be used but our official judges may or may not be used to judge for the specific award. It is left up to the OC Design Awards partner to decide who should judge for their award, as long as there is not a conflict of interest. Regardless of who judges in any circumstance, the same AIGA OC Design Awards components and point system will be used. It will be made public if new awards are added. You may or may not qualify for these awards based on criteria set forth by our partner(s).



All entrants grant AIGA and the OC Design Awards the right to use accepted work for reproduction in competition-related publications; on its website, in any exhibition of the competitions’ selections, and for educational and AIGA-related promotional purposes. AIGA does not share or sell any data collected on this site with any other party. All entries must be initiated and paid for online between March 1, 2016 and September 23, 2016. Mailed entries will not be accepted. Winners will be requested to mail physical winning work for display at the OC Design Awards event.

All contestants must be over the age of 18. Underage entrants must have a parent and/or guardian confirm they have permission to enter via the online entry form on ocdesignawards.org, otherwise the entrant’s submission will not be judged and no refund will be issued.

The AIGA OC Chapter is a non-profit organization and cannot issue refunds of any kind since our acceptance of money is categorized as a donation under the IRS Tax Code. You may use your receipt as proof of donation to our non-profit organization for tax purposes (consult a tax advisor for additional questions about charitable contributions).

For more information on our privacy policy please visit: www.aiga.org/terms/

updated: 03/01/16